New drive-thru haunted house coming to Lincoln Park

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Photo credit © by Martin Deja

Running and screaming through a haunted house might not be the most COVID-19 friendly thing to do right now, so Replay, an arcade bar in Lincoln Park, created a new drive-thru haunted house experience where you never have to leave your car! 

The 'Highway of Horrors' is a 90-minute drive through haunted house experience that might be scarier than walking through one! According to a press release, there will be zombies, demons, and more that will jump out and rock your car with realistic sound and visual prop effects. The 'undead' will get up close and personal with your vehicle! It'll feel like being trapped in a glass box, without much sound from the outside, and never knowing when a new creature will jump out and scare you. My anxiety levels would be through the roof while waiting in my car! 

The new experience is in the empty lot at 645 W. Madison St. and reservations will be required. Tickets cost $75 per car, no matter the number of people legally seated in it.

Visitors without a car can still participate by renting a giant, plastic, aired out, dome that can sit up to 8 people for $100. The 'dome' is thoroughly sanitized between each guest and allows alcoholic beverages. 

The scaring begins on October 15th and will run through November 1st every Thursday through Sunday from 6 pm to 10 pm.

For more information visit the bar's website HERE