O'Hare Airport Will Now Have Nintendo Stations to Play While Waiting for Flight

O'hare Airport, Nintendo, Play Station, Flight
Photo credit groveb

Time for a Friday edition of 'What's Up Chicago?!'

Just in time for your winter and spring break getaways, there something new at O'hare that'll help you and perhaps, more importantly, YOUR kids, pass the time while flight on a flight.
  • Starting Monday, Nintendo will have a pop-up station for the next month and a half and you can play the Nintendo Switch. 
  • The lounge also features comfortable seating, charging ports and kiosks to order products.

Uber is testing a new way for you to book cars.

  • Kicking it old school with the ability to call a 1-800 number and interact with a HUMAN.
  • Uber will book the ride and send a price quote before sending a car.
  • They will text you with updates on the car, the driver and the license plate along with arrival times.
  • It is rolling out in AZ but surely it will make it's way to us soon.

You may soon be able to get a Mimosa a little sooner at your Sunday morning brunch.

  • Currently, you cannot order alcohol before 10 am but yesterday Chicago alderman agreed to move the drinking hour to 9 am on Sundays.
  • This motion was set in place by European soccer fans who are up early watching games in other countries. 

In Sports:

  • The NBA All-Star weekend is in Chicago!
    • Games, skills, dunk contests all happening, starting today (2/14), both on the west side and Wintrust Arena. 
    • Several Bulls players past and present will be taking part in activities all across the city!