Roman's College of Country Knowledge

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Tiffany from Bensenville studied and studied and studied, but still wasn't able to beat Roman.

In fact, only 39 people have been able to do so in over two plus years!

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Today's Questions:

1.  This classic country singer and marijuana advocate is coming out with his own line of hemp infused coffee.  Who is it? (Willie Nelson)

2.  This singer's first nine albums have included 14 #1 hits. Those albums include "Crash My Party" and "What Makes You Country."  Who is it? (Luke Bryan)

3.  Turnpike Troubadours have cancelled a series of shows lately without much explanation.  The lead singer of this group is best know for being the ex of what singer? (Miranda Lambert)

4.  Shania Twain is starring in an upcoming movie called "Trading Paint" with this "Stayin' Alive" and "Grease" actor.  Who is it? (John Travolta)

5. This singer's middle name is Allison and she grew up in Pennsylvania before moving to Nashville at 14 to pursue her music career.  Who is she? (Taylor Swift)