Country 'held hostage' over potential government shutdown, Chicago congressman says

U.S. Capitol building
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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — With two weeks until a possible government shutdown, U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) called on Republicans to reach an agreement on budget bills.

Davis accused some Republicans of holding the country hostage and urged them to approve budget bills.

“Come and let us be reasonable,” he said. “Let us reason together and do what is necessary — what is good for the people.”

He was joined at his west side office by State Sen. Mattie Hunter, who said the shutdown would leave residents hurting.

“Folks don’t have food,” Hunter said. “Folks are going into food banks already. Persons cannot afford their prescription medications.”

A resident of Davis' district, Mary Gardner, chastised members of Congress who want to hold up budget votes until the House acts on the other issues, including the border and Justice Department investigations.

“Cut it out, because it’s going to hurt me,” Gardner said. “It’s going to hurt my other neighbors. We’re talking about legislation that is … Medicare, where we’re able to get our prescriptions. We need help with our food deserts.”

Davis and his supporters encouraged Republicans in the Illinois legislature to reach out to their federal colleagues to avoid a shutdown.

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