Following precautions key to safe return to school sports: pediatrician

Soccer during the pandemic Photo credit Getty Images

As students across the region return to school sports, a Chicago area pediatrician says several precautions must be taken to reduce the risk to them and others from COVID-19.

Dr. Deanna Behrens of Advocate Children's Hospital says it's important for children and teens to follow all of the standard COVID-19 safety precautions while playing sports.

This includes wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing whenever possible, as well as washing hands frequently.

“If they’re in a sport that’s a contact sport they would need to wear masks at all times,” Behrens said.

She says even if all the precautions are followed, families with members that are more vulnerable to the coronavirus should skip school sports for now.

Behrens also says to reduce the spread of the virus, competition should be limited to nearby schools and teams should be divided into smaller groups for practices.