Barkley: Collins has cost himself money in playoffs so far


We went into the Redmont Zone with Charles Barkley on Dukes & Bell and talked about the Hawks-Sixers series and has John Collins cost himself money during the playoffs?

When asked about John Collins performance so far in the playoffs.

“He’s costing himself money, he’s definitely costing himself money,” Barkley said. “I know that’s been a big talk of the season but he has not played well, and you know in the playoffs that’s when your flaws really show.”

“Go back to the Knicks series, all their flaws showed when you get to play against a good team and they set up a gameplan for you. So Collin’s flaws are showing right now and so now that’s gonna be a big decision this offseason for the Hawks, cause listen you gotta be careful, you bet on yourself and it’s not looking good.”