Brian Snitker put together the perfect Braves lineup

Jon Chuckery explains why Brian Snitker’s lineup he put together Monday night against the Mets was perfect

The Atlanta Braves are off to a good start in what is a crucial series against the New York Mets. Coming into this series the Mets led the Braves by 5.5 games in the NL East, and after two dominant wins by the Braves the Mets’ division lead is now back down to 3.5 games. After this series wraps up the Braves and the Mets will only face each other one more time before the regular season concludes in what are both teams’ penultimate series of the regular season.

The Braves have little to no margin for error when it comes to this second to last head to head series with the Mets. With the Braves coming into this series 5.5 games back in the division, only 46 games left in the regular season, and only 7 more matchups with the Mets they had to at the absolute least split the series, but really win the series or sweep the Mets to truly keep a serious shot at winning a fifth straight NL East title alive.

Now going into Wednesday the Braves have at least secured themselves a split after 13-1 and 5-0 wins over the Mets, and the lineup Braves manager Brian Snitker put together Monday night is the perfect Braves lineup according to Jon Chuckery, and he explained why Tuesday night on The Jon Chuckery Show.

Simply put Jon called Monday night’s lineup for the Atlanta Braves “the perfect lineup” and Chuckery explained why saying “You’ve got the power, you got the speed, you got the ability to drive guys in at different points in the lineup…” Jon also talks about how he would like to see that lineup the rest of the week in not only the two remaining games against the Mets, but also in the series against the Astros after the Mets series saying “I want Ronnie [Ronald Acuña Jr.] and Dansby [Swanson] at the top, I want Grissom [Vaughn Grissom] and Harris [Michael Harris II] in the eight, nine hole, and I want Contreras [William Contreras] at DH. I understand you can’t play the next fifty games without Marcell Ozuna. Contreras isn’t going to be the DH the rest of the year, he’s your backup catcher, you’re not trying to burn everybody out I get all that, I’m with you, but for this week, which is the Mets and the Astros, for this week give me that lineup Snit [Brian Snitker].”

Jon also mentions that he’s okay with the lineup that features Robbie Grossan in the nine spot instead of Eddie Rosario hitting sixth spot, but Jon does not want to see Marcell Ozuna for the rest of the week saying “Keep Marcell Ozuna out at least through this week. I don’t want to see him against the Mets. I don’t want to see him against the Astros.” Jon isn’t being hard on Ozuna either as he has struggled this season in all categories besides home runs. In 415 at-bats Ozuna has a .214 batting average, .263 on-base percentage, .393 slugging percentage, and has an OPS of .656.

The months of July and August have been even worse for Ozuna. In the entire months of July and August Marcell has played in 34 games and is batting .189 with a .223 on-base percentage, and a .587 OPS. Ozuna has 14 RBI’s on 25 hits and 36 strikeouts in 139 plate appearances…not good.

We will see if Brian Snitker keeps Ozuna out of the lineup for a third straight game on Wednesday, because in the first two games in this series against the Mets the Braves have scored 18 runs on 23 hits in the past two games along with two wins to show for it, so it seems like the Atlanta Braves are just fine without Marcell Ozuna in the lineup.