Hurst just recently 'tapped into what I'm capable of'


Atlanta Falcons Tight End Hayden Hurst joined Dukes & Bell and talked about a slow start to last season and finally hitting his stride late in the season?

Hurst talked about finally showing what he think he is capable of.

“I’m obviously a perfectionist, I wouldn’t be in the NFL if I wasn’t, I’m capable of much more and I think towards the end of the season I kinda tapped in, finally to what I think I’m capable of.” Hurst said “They used me in the redzone, I started stretching the field vertically a little bit here and there.”

“I’m excited about the new staff, hopefully they are watching some of my tape too as well as the other guys. Hopefully I can help us do great things in the future, like I said I think just kinda tapped into what I’m capable of doing on the field this year towards the end.”