Timing of Hawks' dismissal of Lloyd Pierce eye-raising


With the breaking news that the Atlanta Hawks have fired head coach Lloyd Pierce, Pre-Post-Halftime host of the Hawks, Mike Conti, joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the timing of the dismissal of Pierce.

Conti said told the guys the timing is very surprising.

“I think the timing of this is surprising," Conti said. "Lloyd Pierce was speaking to us on a media conference call no less than two hours ago. This has obviously happened in the last two hours in the middle of a road trip. So I do believe the timing is surprising.

"As far as who will take over from here it would almost certainly be Nate McMillan, who served as the acting head coach when Lloyd Pierce was with his wife when she was giving birth a week ago. Now the Hawks haven’t announced that, but I would be 100 percent shocked if Nate McMillan was not the interim head coach until they at least formulate a more substantial plan.”

Conti continued with the timing of the announcement versus the move the Hawks made.

“But again I would have to disagree a little bit if you’re to argue this is not a surprise, I think the timing is a surprise. I had been led to believe as recently as a week and a half, two weeks ago that Lloyd Pierce was safe. So something has obviously happened in the last couple of days if not weeks to change the mind of Tony Ressler, the owner, and Travis Schlenk, the general manager.”