Why Younghoe Koo approaches every kick the same way


Atlanta Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo joined Dukes & Bell to talk Falcons with the guys and Koo talked about how he approaches each kick the same even when attempting extra points.

When asked about how often he practices kicks over 50 yards.

“Every week really, if I feel good I’ll go back and I’ll hit those,” Koo said. “It doesn’t too big of a difference for me, I try to keep the same swing whether it’s a pat (point after attempt) or a 58-60 yarder. I try not to change my swing so it’s the same kick every time.”

“No, pat I try not to chip it because now you’re babying it and stuff so ideally I think my pat should go 55-60 so I try to keep the same swing every time.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports