Will Trae Young’s All-Star snub put a chip on his shoulder?

Jon Chuckery reacts to Trae Young being left off the 2023 NBA All-Star team

On Thursday evening the 2023 NBA All-Star Team reserves were announced for the respective conferences, and while no Atlanta Hawks fans really expected Dejounte Murray to make the squad, a lot of Hawks fans were surprised to see Trae Young left off the team. Thursday night on The Jon Chuckery Show, Jon reacted to Trae Young not making the 2023 NBA All-Star team, and explained why he believes the All-Star snub will not give Young an added chip on his shoulder.

When Chuckery initially heard the news, he responded by saying “I don’t think that’s right.” Jon also went on to say “I know Trae has had his ups and downs and he’s had some you know shooting issues this year, but you know he’s still a ,what, 27[points] and 10[assists] guy, there aren’t a lot of those guys running around in the NBA.”

I then asked Jon Chuckery if he thought the All-Star snub would give the two-time All-Star an added chip on his shoulder and he responded by saying “I mean you’re making $45 million dollars a year, you got your supermax deal.” Jon would also go on to say “Let’s be honest, you got supermax money, I mean it sucks and we as fans you know think it should’ve been different and think it should’ve been better and things like that, but it is what it is.”

Lastly, Jon talks about how he actually thinks Trae Young not being a part of the All-Star Game is a good thing saying “Here’s the real truth, I mean in all honesty, get your body healthy and get your body right.” Jon has a point as well because the Hawks are currently trying to fight their way to at least the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference to avoid the Play-In Tournament, and the All-Star break now can be used as a good reset for Trae Young and the rest of the Atlanta Hawks, so they can finish the post All-Star break sprint portion of the schedule strong.

Also, even though Trae Young won’t be in the All-Star game the Atlanta Hawks will have some representation in the All-Star break festivities as it was announced earlier this week that Hawks’ rookie AJ Griffin was selected to participate in the NBA’s Jordan Rising Stars Game on the Rookie team.

Trae Young has not said anything or posted anything on social media about being an All-Star snub, and it’s no guarantee that he will even address it, but if he does then that might actually be an indication that Trae is in fact going to have a little extra motivation for the rest of the 2022-23 campaign.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Mark J. Rebilas | 2023 Feb 1