Xscape responds to LaTocha Scott and group drama

'We've had plenty of sit downs'
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Xscape fans have been scrambling as the group continues to go back and forth airing out their drama, but 3/4 of the music group, Kandi Burruss, Tiny, and Tamika Scott stopped by The Big Tigger Morning Show to clear the air and address some of the statements made by LaTocha Scott.

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In an interview LaTocha did with The Big Tigger Morning Show, she expressed how suspicious she thought it was that at the time she wanted to release a solo project, Kandi released one and then LaTocha’s project got shelved.

She ultimately believed that it had something to do with producer Jermaine Dupri and Kandi being involved at the time but Kandi finds it hard to believe she “had that much power” over him.

“At the time I got my record deal, me and Jermaine weren’t even communicating,” she said, “so when her album did not come out or whatever she says happened, I was nowhere around their situation. I was not on So So Def, I was on Columbia,” she added.

“If I had that much power over Jermaine why didn’t he produce my stuff?” she jokingly asked.

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Kandi believes that while LaTocha may say one thing in interviews, she contradicts herself in real life and it is seen throughout their new series “Queens of R&B.”

But one thing they can all agree on is that they feel like this new series isn’t productive for the group and since being filmed some unexpected issues are being aired. While Kandi feels the show is a “mess,” all three members agreed that they weren’t expecting for LaTocha and Tamika’s familial problems to be exposed.

In an emotional state, Tamika admitted that prior to filming the show she had reached out to her sister to hash things out on various occasions but LaTocha didn’t want to speak with her.

And in a direct response to LaTocha’s message to the group asking that they all take the time to sit down and say what is on their minds, Tiny revealed that they have had many sit-downs in the past but La Tocha would not cooperate. “I can say that we’ve had plenty of sit-downs… most of the times we’ve sat down, she didn’t want to talk.”

However, all hope is not lost for the legendary R&B group, Tiny shared that she still has a close relationship with LaTocha, Kandi believes that she can remain cordial and Tamika is still interested in doing what she can to mend her and her sister’s relationship.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images