7-Eleven giving away free Slurpees all of July — Here's how to get yours


7-Eleven is ditching their one-day-only deal by offering free Slurpees throughout the whole month of July.

For nearly 20 years, the national convenience chain has offered free Slurpees to everyone who walked in on the store’s birthday, July 11. But last year — due to encroaching Covid safety concerns — the store changed the one day only policy in lieu of social distancing worries.

Crowds really do congregate like crazy around the Slurpee machines on that fatefully fun day, and the chain was leery of the rabid rush. So they changed the offer so you could pick up your free small Slurpee any day of July, not just on July 11.

The all-month long Slurpee switch not only answered the safety concerns, it was a hit with customers, as they could go pick up their freebie whenever they wanted, with no worries about standing in line.

Everyone who walks in on July 11 — officially known as “7-Eleven Day” — can still get their free Slurpee. To grab one on any other day of the month though, you’ll need to become a 7Rewards loyalty member to get your drink coupon.

So, as People explains, Slurpee fans can now show up to their local store on their own time and choose from the classic Slurpee or one of this summer's featured flavors — VitaminWater Zero Sugar Gutsy (aka Watermelon Peach), Pineapple Whip, and Blueberry Lemonade.

Maybe it’s the excitement of being able to get out there and play again as Covid slowly recedes, but new summer flavor options are really a thing this post-vaccine summer.

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