Dr. Kevin James: Morris Brown is the Missing Piece for the AUC

During it's 2020 Virtual Homecoming Morris Brown College alumni raised $500,000.00 for the school
Photo credit (Photo Credit: Morris Brown College)

On its current track, Morris Brown College would be a candidate for re-accreditation as-early-as April 2021, according to President Dr. Kevin James.

A member of the Atlanta University Center, Morris Brown’s accreditation was revoked in December 2002 because of financial mismanagement and debt.

The school’s application for accreditation has been approved by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. Dr. James says acceptance by TRACS moves Morris Brown a step closer to full status and access to Title IV federal student aid funds.

Morris Brown Board of Trustees President Bishop Reginald T. Jackson said in a statement “Morris Brown has made tremendous progress within the last twenty months.”

Last month more than $500,000 was raised during the school’s virtual Homecoming.

According to James, TRACS will visit the campus in January.