Too Much Candy? Derrick Boazmans 6th annual Trick or Treatment Event

TMT Host Derrick Boazman Photo credit Derrick Boazman

The Department of Watershed Management in Atlanta became the epicenter of Halloween cheer as Derrick Boazman, the host of "Too Much Truth," orchestrated his 6th annual Trick or Treatment event. What sets this spooky soirée apart is not just the ghouls and goblins but the fusion of community fun and a unique learning opportunity for the little ones.

DB in his Mask
Too Much Truth host Derrick Boazman in Costume Photo credit Derrick Boazman

The Department of Watershed Management, an unconventional venue for a Halloween bash, proved to be the perfect backdrop for this community event. Beyond the treats and tricks, Boazman seamlessly integrated an educational component, offering kids a chance to learn about the importance of watershed management. As they navigated the Halloween-themed decor, young attendees were subtly immersed in the significance of preserving and protecting our water resources.

Trick Or Treatment Recap

The incorporation of watershed management education added a layer of depth to the festivities, illustrating Boazman's commitment to holistic community development. By seizing the opportunity to educate children about the importance of preserving our natural resources, he turned Trick or Treatment into an event that goes beyond the superficial thrills of Halloween.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Derrick Boazman