Arbery death trial Monday is expected to be 'biggest' in Georgia in recent memory

Pre-trial rally to be held Saturday outside the courthouse

By: Maria Boynton

Thea Brooks says "we're ready to finish this fight and get justice for Ahmaud." Carla Arbery, also an aunt of the young black man who was chased down and then shot and killed last year in Brunswick, says justice would be a conviction and "these men not being able to return to the community, will stay in prison for the rest of their lives."


Atlanta Attorney Gerald Griggs, who has led various justice rallies in and outside of the town four-and-a-half hours southeast of Atlanta, expects it to be the biggest case that Georgia has seen in recent memory.

The trial starts on Monday, October 18, for the 3 men charged with murder in the death of Ahmaud Arbery. It's being prosecuted by the Cobb County District Attorney's Office, after 3 others preferred not to handle the case. One of them, Jackie Johnson, was indicted in September. She's accused of shielding the defendants from initially being arrested and charged.