Sheriff Victor Hill is going to prison

Federal indictment, Victor Hill
Former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is sentenced to 18 months in prison after a federal sentencing on Tuesday. Photo credit Clayton County Sheriff's Department

Victor Hill, the former sheriff of Clayton County, is being sent to prison for 18 months. As part of his federal sentencing Tuesday, Hill must also have supervised probation for 6 years.

Prosecutors had recommended almost 4 years in prison for Hill

Hill learned his fate Tuesday after being found guilty of violating the constitutional rights of 6 inmates by strapping them in restraint chairs and leaving the for hours in some instances. He was found not guilty of violating the civil rights of a 7th inmate. Federal law stipulates that restraint chairs can be used only if those being detained pose a risk of harming themselves or others.

It was nearly 2 years ago when Hill entered a not guilty plea to the charges. His attorneys contended that the Department of Justice was trying to circumvent the will of the people of Clayton County. Hill's lawyers also called the indictment 'unusual and confusing'. He lost his Georgia officer certification in December 2022.

In June 2021, Governor Brian Kemp suspended Hill from office. Hill issued a statement saying that he would use the suspension to meditate and train. The suspension was later upheld by a Fulton County Superior Court judge in December 2021.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Clayton County Sheriff's Department