Racist coach 'owes the African American community an apology'


Videos of racist football coach Mark Taylor have been making the rounds on the internet.

In one video, Taylor claims to be driving around Atlanta and encourages his friends to come to the city and "go hunting" saying that Atlanta "used to be a fun place." He also points out a tree and aims his camera at a Black woman while lamenting that she could be hung.

He uses the N-word in the video. Many of the future athletes Taylor trains are Black.

Dr. Jamal Bryant, Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in metro Atlanta, says "I shudder to think how many Black young men he's coached. He took their check but never got their respect." Bryant calls it "painful and troublesome" and thinks Taylor should immediately be rebuked by every university he's in partnership with."

Owner of the training camp Speed Edge Sports Taylor claims association with University of Georgia coach Kirby Smart and University of Alabama coach Nick Saban.

Reports out of Macon, Georgia, indicate that Taylor's' training camp is in a space rented at Central Fellowship Christian Academy, a private school. The reports also state that Taylor has been in trouble previously. He was fired from coaching and teaching in Houston County Schools and was banished from the school system in 2007. He also pleaded guilty to influencing a witness which is a felony and was also accused of harassing an ex-fiance.

The middle Georgia coach is seen in the videos saying that while driving through Atlanta he had not seen "a white person in sight."

Dr. Bryant says Taylor needs to "apologize to the great African American community of Georgia." He goes on to suggest that Taylor has a "mental health challenge" because "he didn't just think it, he didn't just speak it, he recorded it and he posted it."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mark Taylor Video