Don’t Lower Your Guard Just Yet, COVID and Its Variants are Here to Stay

Dr. Winston Price, Past Chief of Staff of Memorial Hospital and Manor in BainBridge was a guest this week on, On Point with Juandolyn Stokes to share information about the latest COVID variant, XBB.1.16 or Arcturus, which symptoms includes eye infection or pinkeye and other cold symptoms like coughing and sneezing.

For many people, COVID is not top of mind like it was three years ago especially with the emergency status removal and the overall pandemic responses winding down, but according to Dr. Price that is a mistake.

“COVID is here to stay and it will evolve with different variants over time,” he said.

One in five adults who get the COVID infection will develop long-term symptoms like trouble breathing and brain fog. And with symptoms that can mimic common cold symptoms, a COVID test is the best indicator of a true infection.

The best defense against COVID and all of its variants remains the COVID vaccine, which Dr. Price urges people to get.

“Get the newest COVID vaccine and accept the fact that COVID is in the community,” he added.

Hand washing and social distancing remain good strategies for keeping yourself safe from infection.

Dr. Price asks listeners to visit to find a hospital or clinic near you to get the vaccine, which is available for everyone six months old and above.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Dr. Winston Price