'My daddy was my best friend, now they've taken what they can't give back'

Family of 62 year old Johnny Hollman to see Atlanta police video of taser incident
Johnny Hollman, Atlanta police, taser
Arnitra Hollman (l) is seeking answers in the August 10, 2023, death of her father, 62 year old Johnny Hollman (r) following a traffic stop in Atlanta. Photo credit Family

Arnitra Hollman is hoping to see the final hour of her father's life. The family of 62 year old Johnny Hollman Sr. of Atlanta is being allowed to watch the Atlanta police body cam video of the circumstances leading up to Hollman's death.

"They have taken the patriarch of our family. They have taken something from us that they just can't give back," says Hollman.

According to Hollman, she was on the phone with her dad on August 10, 2023, after he was involved in a "minor" traffic incident. She says that she listened as he interacted with police at the scene. "He was not a threat."

Police reportedly claim that Hollman, described as a deacon, father, and grandfather, became uncooperative and had to be tased. They then say he became unresponsive. Hollman later died at the hospital.

Mayor Andre Dickens has ordered a thorough investigation into Hollman's death.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Family