Hip Hop 4 Nola: Through cancer and covid rappers and activists are coming together to help New Orleans

Benefit events being held this weekend in Atlanta and dozens of other cities

Queen YoNasDa Lonewolf isn't new to this. Neither are Rev. Yearwood, the founder of Hip Hop Caucus, or the rapper F.I.E.N.D., of No Limit Records fame. All say they have reasons to give back to New Orleans, which was recently devastated by Hurricane Ida on the 16th anniversary of being decimated by Hurricane Katrina.

Lonewolf says the people of NOLA have given so much to her, to countless others, and to Hip Hop. Lonewolf's Hip Hop Foundation organized 'Hip Hop 4 Haiti' in 2010. Six years later it was 'Hip Hop 4 Flint', after the city's drinking water was found to be massively contaminated. It was 'Hip Hop 4 The People' (Caribbean, Florida, and Houston) in 2018. Yearwood is from Shreveport and F.I.E.N.D. was born in New Orleans.

The three have now come together to organize Hip Hop 4 Nola. It's concerts and other fundraising efforts in dozens of cities including Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, Chicago, the Navaho Nation and more with the proceeds to benefit New Orleans. The events are being staged in person and streamed via Hiphop4nola.com on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Those wishing to donate can text HipHop4Nola to the number 66539.

Sadness for New Orleans isn't the only pain they're feeling. Queen and F.I.E.N.D. are both battling health issues. Lonewolf has lung cancer and F.I.E.N.D. says "they just came by the house the other day to pick up the breathing machine." He contracted Covid-19 about 2 months ago, telling Audacy Atlanta's Maria Boynton "I was blessed to survive Covid-19/Delta and Hurricane Ida."

After Katrina, and now Ida, "We are hurting" says Yearwood, adding that "while FEMA is great, we need a PEMA, People Emergency Management." He says they've already raised $30,000 and provided support and "we need to keep giving."

Watch full interview below.