Jobs in Fulton County Sheriff's Dept to include childcare stipend

At least $250 available for single parents

Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat says they're closing the gap on the "criminal element." The recruitment of new officers is part of the plan to lessen the rate of crime and to bring in those wanted for previous wrongdoings.

As the area's rate of crime has increased, Labat says his department "is more energized than ever to go after these "bad actors." Along with a SWAT team, there's the new Scorpion Unit, which Labat says has hit the ground running. "We're going after each and every person that means us no good in Fulton County," says Labat.


Labat is in his first term as the county's top lawman. He took office in January after being elected in November 2020. He defeated the incumbent Ted Jackson who served three consecutive terms in the office.

Recruitment Incentive includes stipend for daycare

In July, Labat told the Fulton County Commission to loosen its purse strings so he'll have enough resources to fight crime. Now with some secured funding the department is looking to hire new deputies and detention officers. The starting salary is $50,000-$68,500 for a full time deputy sheriff and $45,000-$59,023 for a full time detention officer. There's a $250-$500 childcare stipend recruitment incentive for single parents. "We want to be on the cutting edge of what new employment looks like," says Labat adding, "we want to bcome employers of choice." Application information is available on the Fulton County Sheriff's Department Website.

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