Aurora 5th-Grade Girl Scout Keeps Title Of 'Top Cookie'

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Photo credit Kirsten Czenk

AURORA (WBBM NEWSRADIO) --  Brooklyn Czenk knows how to sell cookies, thousands of them.

"She's quite the salesman. She's determined," said Kirsten Czenk, Brooklyn's mother.

For the third year in a row, the 10-year-old Girl Scout is going to Disney World, thanks to racking up sales of 3,421 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

Brooklyn, a fifth grader at Freeman Elementary School, is a member of Troop 765 at the school. She has been a Scout since kindergarten.

"You have to be confident on what to say and know how to talk to people," she said. "I say, 'Hello, my name is Brooklyn Czenk, and I'm a Girl Scout. Do you want to buy some cookies.'"

Selling Girl Scout cookies has become serious business for the whole family.

"My son's out there asking people to buy cookies. Her older sister is involved, we all are. This is a family affair so we all share in the reward," she said.

"This year I want to check out the new 'Star Wars' exhibit," Brooklyn said.

Next year, the Girl Scout said her goal is to sell 3500 boxes and hold on to her title.

 "I'm so proud of her. The Girl Scouts have done wonders for her confidence, her positivity and her sales and marketing skills," said Czenk.