Facial-Recognition Cameras Could Be Coming To Chicago Schools

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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The next generation of school security camera may have facial recognition technology.

A Chicago-based company is teaming up with a Silicon Valley camera company Verkada to offer AI-equipped security cameras to school districts in Chicago.

Traditional security cameras record hundreds of hours of video per month, and it could take a long time for a person to find a specific person or incident.

"The traditional model with security cameras and closed-circuit TV could take teams of people to look for information when we're looking for something or somebody," Nick Demchenko, Business Development Manager at Encompass Audio Visual in Chicago, told the Noon Business Hour this week.

The Artificial Intelligence processes the visual information from the cameras in real time, cataloging everything it sees.

"Anything from searching by gender, searching by shirt color, by pant color," Demchenko said.

He adds the technology can also be taught to recognize faces, such as the face of a criminal suspect who may be on the loose near the school.

The technology does raise some constitutional issues, but Demchenko said the technology is adaptable. He added it’s up to a school district or school board to decide how the technology will be used.