Chicago's Leland Avenue Gets Test Drive As 'Shared Street'

Leland Avenue Shared Street
Photo credit Garrett Obluck on Leland Avenue (WBBM Newsradio/Steve Miller)

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — This is the first weekend for Chicago’s first “shared street.”

Leland Avenue from Lincoln Avenue to Sheridan Road is the first shared street to open.

The idea is to give pedestrians more space to walk and run while being socially distant. There’s still street parking but no through-traffic.

Garrett Obluck, who lives near Leland and Hermitage, likes what he sees so far.

“As small a street as Leland is, we get a considerable amount of car traffic here, so that’s been curbed a lot,” he said Friday.

“Since we’re a block off of Lawrence, a lot of people divert over to avoid the Lawrence congestion and take advantage of Leland. So, that has gone down a lot, which I truly appreciate.

“And there is definitely a lot more foot and pedestrian traffic of other sorts. There’s walker, bikers, families out strolling.

“Its different. In one day, people already know about it.”