Company Offers Incentive To Clean Up PPE Litter

Discarded PPE
Photo credit WBBM Newsradio/Mike Ramsey

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A company in the West Loop wants to help solve a problem that is unique to 2020.

iPromo used to make promotional items for trade shows and other events that brought a large number of people together.

Most trade shows, of course, were canceled because of the pandemic. So, iPromo pivoted from branded pens and flash drives to Personal Protective Equipment.

iPromo founder and CEO Leo Friedman noticed one side effect of everyone wearing disposable facemasks and gloves: litter.  He has come across dozens of pieces of PPE on sidewalks and streets over the course of an average day.  

In hopes of putting a dent in the problem, iPromo is offering to donate one piece of PPE to a charitable organization for every five pieces of PPE litter that's thrown away.

"We're calling this a ‘double good’ initiative. Get the litter off the street, and by doing so you're helping charities get masks that they need every single day," Friedman said.

All you have to do, he said, is take a picture of the PPE before you throw it away.

"Pick it up and throw it in the trash. Just tell us number the pieces you picked up, approximately, take a quick snap, upload it to our website, and we'll donate the mask on your behalf," Friedman said.

The company, on its website, asks participants to be careful in handling used PPE: “Please use protective gloves and even a trash picker to protect yourself.”