Estate Planning Booms Amid COVID-19, Lawyer Says

Last Will And Testament
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(WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Lawyers who deal with estate planning say they’ve never been busier because of the fear factor of COVID-19.

Attorney Kerry Peck, the managing partner of Peck Ritchey LLC, says business is good.

A lot of people asking questions. Peck says sometimes that develops into business.

“Since COVID has overtaken everyone’s lives, their own mortality is now at the front of their thought process,” he said Monday.

“In the past, estate planning has kind of been pushed to the rear on a regular basis because no one wants to face their own mortality.”

Coronavirus has forced the issue with a lot of families. People want to talk about wills.  And about having a power of attorney for health care, Peck says.

A “fear factor is at play here,” he says.

If you die without a will, Peck says, the state of Illinois has already done one for you. But it may not be the one you would’ve chosen, he notes.