Gary Police Dog May Have Been Poisoned To Death

K-9 Gary Indiana Memorial
Photo credit A plaque honoring Willie, a Gary Police K-9. (courtesy: Protecting K-9 Heroes)

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The Gary Police Department suspects one of its police dogs was poisoned to death, and now the Gary K-9 Association is trying to help supply more dogs to the agency.

Gary Police Officer Donald Briggs and K-9 Willie worked together only a short while.

But on Officer Briggs’ social media page, there is grief. “Miss my boy,” says one post.

The dog died earlier this summer. This past Tuesday, Officer Briggs was presented with a plaque — a tribute to Willie — and Willie’s portrait. It was arranged by Staci Goveia, founder of Protecting K-9 Heroes, based in Northwest Indiana.

"I feel that all K-9s that have passed on need to be memorialized and remembered.  One of our things is we protect K-9s when they’re alive, then we honor them and we remember them when they move on.

“And although Willie was not with his handler very long, they still had that unbreakable bond.”

The Gary Police Department says it has not been determined how or when K-9 Willie was poisoned.