How To Co-Parent During The COVID-19 Pandemic


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Courts have been addressing potential problems with divorce agreements and visitation during the pandemic.You’re divorced or going through the process and your ex uses the pandemic to try to get around the custody/visitation agreement, or you don’t have an agreement yet and sheltering-in-place has put a crimp in things.

Courts have been making it very clear that if you have an agreement – you abide by it, or if there is no agreement then it’s status quo – do what you were doing before the pandemic hit.

So what if an argument breaks out during the sheltering in place order?

Raiford Palmer, managing partner with STG Divorce Law told WBBM Newsradio there are a number of solutions.

"One is people can approach a mediator to help resolve a dispute. Counselors have been an excellent resource to try to help people resolve their disagreements without court process. Family law attorneys have done a great job negotiating with other attorneys. Courts are still, I would say, open with limited functionality, but courts are accepting agreed orders and they are hearing emergency matters," he said.

Palmer said courts want to see parents acting in the best interest of the children and behaving appropriately.