At Issue: Field Foundation Honors 'Leaders For A New Chicago'

Guests, Hilesh Patel, Heather Miller and Tonika Lewis Johnson join Craig Dellimore for a talk about what it means to be a “leader .”
Photo credit WBBM Newsradio

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The Field Foundation is honoring more than a dozen civic, cultural and artistic leaders in Chicago — people who mean to change the city for the better.Field Foundation official Hilesh Patel said the organization has found 14 people it’s honoring as “Leaders for a New Chicago.”

"The Field Foundation has been doing grants to organizations and we wanted to find a way to recognize the leaders," he said.

Heather Miller, director of the American Indian Center of Chicago is one of the Field awardees. She advocates for her community through the Arts.

"We have over 570 federally recognized tribes; that means there's a whole bunch of ideas and belief systems, but the one thing that we find is true with all of us is that we don't really have a word for art. We are artists within our own languages," Miller said.Photographer and Visual Artist Tonika Lewis Johnson is another one of the Field Foundation’s “Leaders for as New Chicago.” She’s best known for her Folded Map project, taking the city’s grid map system and comparing notes. 

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