'Profoundly Disappointing': Mayor Lightfoot Reacts To Reports That President Trump Deliberately Downplayed COVID-19

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Photo credit Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot; President Donald Trump (Getty Images)

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Mayor Lori Lightfoot is reacting harshly to reports that President Trump deliberately downplayed the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic as it started to sweep across the country.

Mayor Lightfoot told reporters that she has not read journalist Bob Woodward's book or heard the audio tapes that back up his claims, but she said if it is true President Trump knew how dangerous COVID-19 was, but told the American people otherwise, it's profoundly disappointing and worse.

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"If the President had information, and as he should have, and as we all learned later about the deadly impact of this virus; and if he chose instead to downplay the significance of the virus for whatever ill-intended purpose, lives were lost and that is pretty sobering to think about," Mayor Lightfoot said.

The President has told reporters that he didn't want to spread panic.