Made In Chicago: Balodana

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Photo credit WBBM Newsradio/Julie Mann

FOREST PARK (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Dana Todd was frustrated with retail clothing that didn't fit, was poorly made or just wasn’t fashionable.

So, she created an online shopping experience that pulls designers from all over the world to one website where women can search for unique garments that fit the buyer. 

"That's because we use your measurements," said Todd. 

Headquartered in Forest Park, Todd, along with marketing specialist Nisha Katti, run BALODANA.   

"The website is set up to be fully integrated like any other e-commerce site,” Katti said. "Everything is sorted by dresses, pants, shirts." 

You can shop by designer or by the article of clothing you are looking for. BALODANA lets women shop for garments that are custom made, high quality, with a personalized fit. 

"There are no standardized measurements," Todd said. "You want basics, we have basics. We also have some very playful, extravagant and even quiet gorgeous, upscale evening wear as well as just really fun day wear." 

Todd hopes her website starts to change the way women think about shopping for clothes.   

"Women deserve to wear things that fit them,” Katti said.