Heat Wave Cancels Chicago Events, Pitchfork Evacuated Ahead Of Storms

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Photo credit Pitchfork Music Festival/Facebook
CHICAGO (AP) - Stifling heat has forced the cancellation of several outdoor events in Chicago as forecasters urge residents to drink plenty of water and stay in the shade. Thunderstorms, too, were threatening summer revelers. Just before 5 p.m., Pitchfork concert organizers announced evacuations because of an impending storm.

Due to dangerous weather conditions, Pitchfork Fest is evacuating. Please calmly and quickly leave the festival grounds and find shelter.

— Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago (@pitchforkfest) July 20, 2019 An excessive heat warning covered the Chicago area Saturday for a second straight day, with temperatures expected to reach about 95 (35 degree Celsius) with high humidity levels.The oppressive heat forced the cancellation of several outdoor events planned for Saturday, including the Humana Rock `n' Roll 5k run at Grant Park and the morning workout on the Great Lawn at Millennium Park.Six cooling centers were set up around Chicago to provide residents with relief.The Chicago Sun-Times reports that organizers of the Pitchfork Music Festival were using three air-conditioned buses to cool off overheated fans at Union Park.

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