Pet Snake Found In Washing Machine Safely Back Home

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EVANSTON (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Imagine an Evanston homeowner's shock when she found a snake in her washing machine this morning. 

"[The snake> was in the washing machine and it actually went through a cycle," said Lamor Gatenio, who works at Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital, where Evanston Police took the corn snake to be inspected after it was found.

"Surprising[ly> the snake looks in pretty good shape. She's really feisty," said veterinarian Dr. Melissa Giese.

Gatenio said the owners have been looking for the corn snake, whose name is Penelope, for three days. Somehow she managed to escape and go across a townhouse wall into a neighbor's laundry room.

The vet said Penelope is back home and her prognosis is good.