Pureed Foods Company Says Technology Is Helping It Weather Pandemic

NW Indiana Pureed Foods Company Says Embracing Technology Helped Them Survive Pandemic
Photo credit Real Food Blends

CHESTERTON, IND. (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Real Food Blends makes pureed foods for those who live with a feeding tube.

It was the brainchild of Tony and Julie Bombacino, who started it almost seven years ago from their Chesterton, Indiana kitchen. Since then, they’ve sold millions of meals. Their son requires a feeding tube and they said their mantra is to educate, advocate and innovate.

Tony Bombacino told WBBM when “shelter-in-place” orders kicked-in this year, they no longer could visit hospitals and doctor’s offices.

“How do we do sales now? So, we pivoted a little bit, like a lot of companies. We started doing more webinars. We started using Facebook Live and Instagram. Technology has been our friend. We have almost 120,000 people in our Facebook community and they have really helped us find new ways to reach our customers, tell our story,” Bombacino said. 

He also said hiring and training were a challenge but they’re adapting to video interviewing.  Bombacino said while they’ve handled the cancellation of events critical to their business, they have also gained new customers.  He said people have to eat.