Remote Working Expands Types Of Internships Available To Students

Remote Working Expands Internship Opportunities Available To Students
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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The old school summer internship where a college student spends a couple of months in an office grabbing coffee and performing other menial tasks is a thing of the past, according to one expert. 

“Many of these internships today often revolve around a specific project. You’re doing something important that the company needs to accomplish. It’s not just busywork,” Dana Stephenson, co-founder and CEO of Riipen, told WBBM. Riipen is a firm that connects college students and Corporate America.

And he said remote working and virtual conferencing opens up the types of internships available to students.

“Different types of flexible, shorter-term opportunities have really increased over the last little bit. Especially with things going virtual,” Stephenson continued.