South Suburban Family Wins New Car For Christmas

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- One family from Crete in the far south suburbs got a special and much-needed gift this Christmas. 

Jeanette Farris, Tony Kowalski,and their three children won a new Chevy Sonic from Chevrolet of Homewood after the couple submitted an essay explaining why winning a car would change their lives. 

The car giveaway is annual tradition for the south suburban dealership, explained owner Steve Phillipos. 

“This year we got about four hundred responses and stories,”  Phillipos explained. 

Of the submissions, Phillipos said he found the Kowalski household’s very compelling, explaining that two of the couple's three children are sick and he was touched by the sacrifices the parents have made. 

“They can’t work because they’re both taking care of their children.  He’s going to become an Uber driver.  So in addition to going to hospitals, he’s going to work.  If that doesn’t change your life I don’t know what will,” Phillipos said on why their story stood out to him. 

The family was thrilled to be selected. Soon after receiving the keys from Phillipos, the Kowalski children were climbing around in the car and honking the horn. 

Kowalski said it’s hard to hold down a job because most employers aren’t very forgiving when he has to constantly ask for time off to deal with their children's’ medical issues.

His wife said they’ve had serious issues with the cars they currently have. 

”This is just absolutely everything to us,” Farris said. “The best Christmas ever.”