Shoreline Disappearing Under World's Fair Gems

Pink House
Photo credit The so-called Pink House in Beverly Shores, Ind. (Indiana Office of Tourism Development)

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Two historic homes that were part of the Chicago World’s Fair Century of Progress in 1933 are now threatened as Lake Michigan erodes their shoreline.

The houses were placed on barges after the exposition and floated to Beverly Shores, Indiana, in 1935.

Now, the lake is chipping away at the dune that supports two of the five houses: the pink Florida House and the Rostone House.

Paul Labovitz, superintendent of the National Park Service at Indiana Dunes National Park, says the erosion has uncovered seawalls in front of both houses.

He says the plan now is to restore both seawalls by mid-summer and hope for the best.