2 dogs attack again in Palatine, injuring woman and her dog

Two dogs on attack again in Palatine, this time allegedly killing 1 dog while injuring another and biting owners
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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — The same two dogs that viciously attacked two people and their dogs in Palatine have once again attacked another person and their dog.

The first attack happened in May when the Akita mix and pit bull mix attacked two small dogs and their owners in Palatine, leaving one dog dead, another injured and both people with bite wounds.

The dogs avoided being euthanized when their owner, Meleina Teodoro, made a plea deal with the village of Palatine that she would pay more than $800 in fines, get her dogs trained and move out of Palatine.

“Right then and there, we said that that was the wrong decision to make, because they're just simply moving the problem elsewhere,” Michael Schostok, an attorney for the Palatine victims, told WBBM Newsradio.

That’s exactly what happened.

On Aug. 20, 48-year-old Aneta Heinz was walking her 4-year-old retriever mix near Wellington Avenue and 78th Court in Elmwood Park when the same two dogs leaped out of a backyard and ran across the street towards her.

After being knocked to the ground, Heinz and her dog were able to get away from the dogs, but both were injured in the attack.

Now, Schostok and his partner, Brian Salvi, plan to file a lawsuit demanding the dogs be euthanized and that not just the owners be held accountable.

“We're also going to be naming the village of Palatine as a defendant for their negligence and willful and wanton misconduct and failing to take the property requisite action as it relates to these dogs,” Schostok said.

A petition has also been started by Amanda Ingram, one of the Palatine victims, to encourage leaders to euthanize the dangerous dogs.