Illinois Pro-Choice and Pro-Life organizations prepare for wave of patients traveling into state

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Those who support and oppose abortion access are preparing for more patients to travel into Illinois, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Amy Gehrke, the Executive Director at Right to Life, said organizations like hers are dumping resources into Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), where all options for unplanned pregnancies are on the table — except abortion.

“Our goal is on helping the women who are going to be coming to our state for abortions, and making sure that have all the options that they should have to choose life for their babies as well as themselves,” Gehrke said.

Lisa Battisfore, the founder of Reproductive Transparency Now, said many CPCs advertise free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds and target young people, people of color, and those with low income.

“We protest anti-abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers,” Battisfore said. “There are 97 of them here in Illinois, and they will be working very hard to deceive the people who are coming into our state.”

Battisfore added that CPC volunteers may even set up registration points outside of Planned Parenthood locations directing woman offsite to a separate clinic, where an abortion is not an option.

Some CPCs, Battisfore said, further manipulate women during consultation by giving them false information about their ultrasounds, a claim backed by a recent article in the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics.

“The CPCs want to run out the clock on people, so that abortion pills are no longer an option,” Battisfore said. “Instead, then, they would have to opt for a surgical abortion, which comes with some additional health risks.”

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