Abortion rights activists protest in Chicago around upcoming Supreme Court decision

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Abortion rights activists in Chicago join a day of protests across the country that center around an upcoming Supreme Court Decision.

At Wrigley Square in Millennium Park, several dozen abortion rights activists rallied in support of keeping a national right for women to choose abortion.

"For all kinds of reasons. Because it's her life is her body. It's her future," said Jay Becker, an organizer with RiseUp4AbortionRights.org. "We are defending Roe v. Wade. This is one of 14 or 15 rallies around the country."

Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is an argument heard before the US Supreme Court back in December, concerning a 2018 Mississippi law that would undermine a key component of Roe, which bars states from banning abortions before fetal viability or about 24 weeks.

A decision on the case is expected sometime this summer.

Among a small group of counter demonstrators at Millennium, Park Tom Usle is with Students for Life of America.

"There are resources to help through adoption. There are financial resources that go through the pregnancy and afterwards. We want to make it clear that we're not just here to say you have to have this child, and then once a woman chooses life we say okay, bye you're on your own," Usle said.

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