TaB – the diet soda staple of another era – to be discontinued

TaB cola Photo credit WBBM Newsradio/Mike Ramsey

A pioneer of diet pop is fading into history.

TaB — the name, the unique typeface and the pink-colored can — all call to mind the soft drink's glory days in the 1970s.

The product was introduced by Coca-Cola in 1963 and was the first wave of diet-pop brands that included Diet Rite and what would become Diet Pepsi.

Phil Lempert of SupermarketGuru said TaB took off when the brand was marketed to women. He told the WBBM Noon Business Hour on Friday the ads were rather unenlightened by today's standards.

“If you drank TaB, you’d be thinner, you’d be more beautiful and, frankly, the guys would go for you,” Lempert said.

TaB was eclipsed by powerhouse Diet Coke in the early ‘80s. In 2011, the Coca-Cola Co. sold 3 million cases of TaB, compared to 885 million for Diet Coke.