Photo-realistic comic book art from Alex Ross will be landing at suburban museum this summer

Captain America close up
Captain America as envisioned by realistic illustrator Alex Ross. Photo credit Elmhurst Art Museum media images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) – Eye-popping original art from renowned comic book illustrator Alex Ross will be swooping into the Elmhurst Art Museum this summer.

Running June 3 to Aug. 20, “Marvelocity: The Art of Alex Ross” will showcase Ross’s interpretations of iconic Marvel Comics characters and shed some light on his development as a young artist obsessed with super-powered beings.

Even people who aren’t comic book geeks are likely familiar with the output of Ross, a Chicago-area resident who brings stunning photo-realism to his drawings and paintings of gravity-defying heroes and villains.

In one close-up of dynamic Captain America throwing his shield, for example, viewers can make out the stitching of the letter “A” on Cap’s mask, while light reflects off the individual pieces of the armoring on his chest.

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, gets the Alex Ross treatment. Photo credit Elmhurst Art Museum media image

The exhibition will feature more than 50 pieces of original artwork by Ross, including artwork from his retrospective book, Marvelocity, and three-dimensional head busts of Marvel characters.

Although “Marvelocity” is focused on the Marvel side of the comic book culture, Ross is also known for illustrating DC heroes and other pop-culture characters.

The Elmhurst Art Museum has additional programming lined up to coincide with the Alex Ross retrospective.

Storm from X-Men
Storm from the X-Men in her photo-realistic glory. Photo credit Elmhurst Art Museum media image

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Elmhurst Art Museum media images