Local jewelry pro's sage advice: Get your engagement ring insured

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EVANSTON (WBBM NEWSRADIO) - The holidays are often a busy time for people to get engaged. And, a Chicago-area company says if you get that special ring, make sure it's insured.

Dustin Lemick, founder and CEO of Evanston-based jewelry insurance company BriteCo tells  WBBM getting insurance for expensive and sentimental jewelry - especially engagement rings and wedding bands -"is sort of like a Netflix type subscription, but it covers something really valuable."

Lemick says often the cost of insurance for a ring comes out to about $50-$75 a year and he says "a lot of times that makes sense."

It’s said that up to 40% of couples do not insure their engagement and wedding rings.

“We cover lost, theft, damage, mysterious disappearance. which is the big one. It's like, ‘hey I put the ring in my gym bag and it's just gone, I don't know what happened it's just gone!' We'll actually cover that," Lemick says

And  Lemick says,  the only thing better than having that lost ring "covered," having it "recovered."

"We actually had a couple where they lost the engagement ring, they couldn't find it, they put a claim in. And, they ended up finding it the next day. The dog ate it. Legitimately, the dog ate the ring."

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