Gas stations push back at PR mandate from the state

gas station pumps
Gas station Photo credit Getty Images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Gas station owners in Illinois say they will comply with a state law — but on their own terms.

The issue is a state law that requires gas stations to post signs, at their own expense, that say the Illinois Legislature put a freeze on the gasoline tax.

Station owners are suing to try to get out of the requirement.

In the meantime, their trade association, the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association, says they’ll post signs, all right.

But those signs will also include another message.

They’ll say: “Illinois politicians have more than doubled the gas tax since 2019.” For good measure: “This year, lawmakers decided to delay their gas tax hike until after the election.”

The gas station owners’ lawsuit against the state is expected to be heard in federal court this week.

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