Group hopes to generate grass-roots opposition to taxes, 'corporate welfare'

the Statehouse in Springfield
Springfield Illinois Photo credit Getty Images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A political group has launched what it calls the Prairie State Promise, an effort to get grassroots support on issues such as taxes, pensions and what they call corporate welfare.

Americans for Prosperity is a well-funded national political organization that leans Libertarian. Its Illinois chapter created the Prairie State Promise to get people interested and active in budget issues.

State Director Jason Heffley acknowledged it’s often rich donors who have the ears of elected officials. But he said everyday people can be heard, too.

People want lower taxes, yes, but they also want fewer tax breaks and favoritism for big corporations, he said.

The effort outlines six central principles.

The Prairie State Promise envisions stopping tax hikes and slowing government spending on corporate tax breaks. In fact, they applaud Gov. JB Pritzker’s efforts to do that — if not much else.

Deputy State Director Brian Costin champions pension reform, even if many officials seem to ignore the problem.

Pairie State Promise officials are the guests on this weekend’s “At Issue,” which runs 9:30 p.m. Sunday.