Insect a threat local trees, but there is a defense: expert

oak tree
Oak tree Photo credit Getty Images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Some trees in the Chicago area are facing another threat from an invasive insect, but an expert from the Morton Arboretum says this bug could be easier to stop.

Stephanie Adams said the two lined chestnut borer beetle is a threat to oak trees, but only those that have some other issue that weakens them.

“They are what we consider a secondary insect pest,” she said. “Two lined chestnut borer only goes after stressed trees. If you have two-lined chestnut borer, you know that your tree has a primary underlying problem that needs to be identified and resolved.”

She says the best way to stop the beetles is to keep oak trees as healthy and vigorous as possible, and to make sure the trees aren't getting too much or too little water.

If you suspect an oak tree is infected with borer beetles, the best thing to do is to have a certified arborist check the tree, Adams said.

The arborist can diagnose and treat the underlying problem.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images