Lightfoot discusses future of city council as many members prepare to leave

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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she’s not worrying as it becomes clear a substantial number of City Council members are leaving the Chamber.

More than a dozen Aldermen and women are heading for the door. That includes some fairly regular supporters of Lori Lightfoot, but the Mayor’s not troubled. After all, she hasn’t had a rubber stamp City Council anyway, and said she doesn’t regret it, ever.

"You only get a rubber stamp council if you are in Putin's Russia, which thankfully we are not or if you buy votes, which I do not, so we manage to a majority on every single important vote that we have and I'm fine with that," she told WBBM.

It’s a diverse City Council, and she offered no predictions on what the Chamber will be like after the Aldermanic elections.

"There are so many new positions that are available and I think we'll have to watch the landscape and see what happens," Lightfoot said.

"My hope is that we will see more members come into the body that understand not only that they need to be incredible advocates for their wards, but fiduciaries for the whole city."

Does she worry that with some veteran Aldermans exiting that "Institutional Knowledge" will leave with them?. She said such knowledge is important, but new faces bring new opportunities and said she hopes some of the veterans will impart their historic knowledge to the others.

Lightfoot also said they should all do a better job of keeping records of why and how decisions were made.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Mike Tish/WBBM Newsradio