Local limo service says Southwest families paying up to $6,000 to get home

Chief Chicago Limo drivers brought passengers to destinations including Weehawken, N.J. Photo credit Chief Chicago Limo

Some Southwest Airlines ticket holders have been so desperate to get home as quickly as possible that they’ve shelled out thousands of dollars to get there.

Kalo Pechevski, owner of Chief Chicago Limo, said one of his drivers took people nearly 800 miles from Midway Airport to Weekhawken, N.J., which is across the Hudson River from New York City for $4,300.

Driver Jay Herik took five people to Omaha, Neb. He said they included a grandfather and grandmother, their daughter, her husband and their 7-year-old daughter.

“They teared up a little bit of actually being home, being back in Omaha with their car and being able to be home,” he said.

Herik said his passengers will try to be reimbursed by Southwest Airlines for the $2,300 fare.

He said, “People are desperate. They want to get home. Are done with this Southwest debacle.”

Herik said the family had been stuck in Chicago for two days and had tried everything from re-booking flights, trying to get flights on other airlines and looking at rental car options.

Chief Chicago Limo’s owner Kalo Pechevski said one traveling Southwest Airlines family was willing to pay $6,700 to go from Midway Airport home to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. this week.

Pechevski said Wednesday “was insane” with Southwest Airlines travelers scrambling to find another way to get to their destinations. Many, he said, opted not to take a limo because of the cost.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Chief Chicago Limo