Naperville restaurant worker urges customers to be patient: 'Yelling at cashiers doesn't help'

Panera Bread store
Panera Bread file image Photo credit Getty Images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A post by a restaurant worker on the “What’s Happening in Naperville” Facebook page has been getting a lot of responses.

Angel Weckel wrote: “Okay if anyone has gone to the showplace Panera, please be patient with us, we are severely under staffed.

“We understand you may be hungry but we can only work so fast.

“Yelling at cashiers doesn’t help you. So please have patience, sincerely an overworked, tired associate at Panera.”

More than 150 people responded.  Most of them were sympathetic.

“People are jerks,” Jen Audrey wrote.

“With everything we've all experienced in the past year, wouldn't you think people would learn to be kinder and gracious to others? We're all trying our best to just exist right now,” Rachel Wiskari said.

Weckel responded that she was brought to tears.

Someone posted a picture of a sign reading “The whole world is short-staffed. Be kind to those that showed up.”